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Dog sledding

Experience the most beautiful adventure in the fairytale Arctic wilderness and be a musher on a sled pulled by adorable Alaskan huskies. You will feel the strength of your powerful team, as you ride through the winter wonderland of frozen lakes, forests and majestic

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Northern Lights

Our evening dog sled trips are truly magical and special. Depending on the weather, your team will drive you through the deep crisp snow, under the stars with the mountains silhouetted against the moonlight. More often than not, the northern lights will appear above you

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Husky Training

This is a real treat for every dog lover. Experience a true Norwegian lifestyle and visit our dog yard on the beautiful island of Kvaløya, where you get the opportunity to interact, cuddle, play and fall in love with our charming Alaskan huskies.

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Active Summer

A sea kayaking paradise! Get up close with our stunning northern Norwegian coastline in the most beautiful way. Surrounded by high mountains and passing small picturesque villages, you might encounter the rich wildlife such as fish, jellyfish, sea stars, otters, puffins,

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